More out of life for everybody from intern to CEO.

We provide a solution whose ambition is to lift burdens from every employees’ shoulders. We do this by providing more time and thus improving the work-life balance. We make a positive impact on the business climate and the natural environment.

Askhenry - More life in life

More life in life

In our time, the pace of life is ever quickening. That is something we all feel, both employees and business owners. We all have too much on our plates. We are always in a hurry and always missing out from our own lives.

We want to reach out to all the busy people and take the excessive load of responsibilities off their backs. We believe that if we all get our time back, life will become more enjoyable for all of us and our loved ones.

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Askhenry - Home alone with a child

Home alone with a child

Homemakers usually spend a lot of time around the house with the children. Anyone who has been in the situation knows how psychologically difficult it is. After some time, we begin to feel not needed and separated from the world.

We decided to give non-employed homemakers a chance and employ them for tasks that can be done from the house. In this way, they can feel needed in society and can keep in touch with the external world.

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Combating air pollution

All of us move around the city daily. Apart from commuting to work, we have an endless supply of private errands. We go shopping, we pick up the post, and take things for repair.

We don’t even realize that, after work, our co-workers go to the exact same places. They too shop with Ikea, make filings with the authorities or go to shopping centres. We all travel the same routes, each separately. More and more fumes are released to the atmosphere, and we are stuck in traffic jams.

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Askhenry - Combating air pollution
Askhenry - A single car can meet all these tasks

A single car can meet all these tasks

AskHenry has created a system to aggregate all the tasks of a relevant group of people daily. As a result whenever several cars would have to leave for the city only a single car now goes and does things for all the others.

If we all put our daily tasks in the system for aggregation, they will all be dealt with in a well-thought way. The intelligent urban navigation system will make sure that only the minimum number of kilometres is travelled and all matters are seen to.

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Askhenry - Social responsibility in business

Social responsibility in business

Right now too few businesses in Poland are acting in a socially responsible manner. We decided to create a company whose responsibility, apart from bringing profit to the shareholders, would be the environment and the good of society as a whole.

We believe that AskHenry will make us capable of inspiring Polish businesspeople to create companies that care for the people and the environment.

Every company that signs up for AskHenry contributes to combating air pollution — one of the greatest challenges of our time.

We wish to thank all our clients who, together with us, contribute to achieving this goal.

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