An innovative benefit for your company

Time for things that matter to your employee.

AskHenry is a benefit that will enable you to give more time to your Employees:

  • fast and efficient: from decision to active service in a month!
  • no changes in organizational culture and company structures.
  • no changes in internal procedures
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Why AskHenry?

We are professionals who will help save time for you and your loved ones. Now you do not have to perform tasks for which you do not have time, you do not know how to do, or you simply do not feel like doing. Leave everything to us.

An innovative service

It combines the functions of a personal advisor, a mobile assistant and an extensive information service.

We help

We will take care of your errands in town as well as all kinds of remote instructions. Shopping in IKEA, an issue at a public administration office, or maybe free places for a weekend in the Beskids? We will help you with each of these tasks.

We suggest

How to spend a free weekend with children doing something interesting; we can recommend fascinating restaurants, or we will organize a handyman for minor repairs. We also have a proven list of partners to help you use their services on attractive terms.

Our Clients

How do we get started?


What our clients say?

What is the greatest value you see in AskHenry?

The implementation of AH went very smoothly and, from the very beginning, we saw great value in this service. We get support for both small and large errands in town that we do not have to deal with ourselves. Over time, we have learned to use AH support more and more effectively, saving us a lot of time.

Aleskandra Pszczoła
CEO w Bee Talents

Do you think AskHenry is a good investment in employee welfare?

Definitely. The AskHenry concept fits perfectly into one of our values - Lend a Hand. It allows us to support employees in their daily affairs, saving not only their time but also often the energy needed to perform even such monotonous errands as sending mail, repairing equipment or collecting purchases.

Aleskandra Favero
Director of People & Culture w Brainly

What are the benefits of implementing AskHenry?

AskHenry helps us support a variety of employee groups. For example. it comes to the aid of foreigners working with us who need advice or a helping hand in dealing with everyday errands, or it is an invaluable solution for young parents, who are always short of time for something.

Łucja Czuba-Widiantoro
Senior HR Coordinator w Brainly

How much has your perception of the service changed during the pandemic?
What does AskHenry bring to your organization during this time?

The range of services has changed dynamically in an attempt to adapt to the situation. From the moment that the pandemic started, we began to see Henry as ‘our man for special tasks.’ The feeling that we could count on him despite the lockdown was really encouraging.

Aleskandra Favero
Director of People & Culture w Brainly

What prompted you to extend your cooperation after the pilot program?

First of all, positive feedback from employees who appreciate this benefit very much. Initially, the employees ‘tested’ Henry and presented him with some very difficult tasks, which Henry, to their surprise, performed. In three months, Henry had saved us 845 hours, so the decision was easy.

Aneta Maćkowiak
HR Manager w Rockwool

What are the benefits of implementing AskHenry?

Saved time and employee satisfaction, which we are not able to buy in any other way. Investing in employee welfare is an especially important role for any employer. By expanding the benefits package in our company, including Ask Henry services, we show that we care about them.

Joanna Kaźmierczak
Office Coordinator w Rockwool

What influenced your decision to implement AskHenry services in your organization?

This is an original benefit that fits perfectly into our employee care policy and broadly understood wellbeing.

Aneta Maćkowiak
HR Manager w Rockwool

What can we do?

In effect, anything that takes time every day and does not cross legal boundaries :)
We manage errands in town

With our help, you can deliver and pick up laundry, fix shoes at the cobbler, delegate sending mail, return a purchase or make purchases at IKEA

We execute remote orders

Finding a yoga instructor, booking a table in a restaurant or making a claim about a cancelled or delayed flight? No problem - Henry will skilfully take care of everything.


We have proven partners who are characterized by their professionalism and attractive prices.


We take full responsibility for all accepted commissions, while maintaining thoroughness and discretion

Explore the rest of our services

AskHenry Connect


Smooth circulation of documents and office equipment within your company, even when working from home.


You do not need to be our regular customer to use this service. We also execute one-time orders.

Individual approach

The service is priced individually, based on parameters such as the scope of the service, its magnitude and the due date.

AskHenry LITE

Short-term solutions

Solutions that will give real support to your employees. This is the offer for you if you are not ready for long-term commitments and expect minimal, fixed costs.

Terms of cooperation

The offer includes an unlimited number of orders and can be renewed every 2 weeks. Orders carried out by our assistants include: grocery shopping, shopping at building suppliers, drugstores, pharmacies or the Post Office.

Cost of service

The cost of the service does not change during your use of the offer. It amounts to only PLN 18 per employee in a 100-person organization, for a period of 2 weeks. There is no starting fee or notice period.

AskHenry Store


The platform we have created allows you to easily select and order the necessary food products and household chemicals.

Lead time

Orders placed before 12:00pm are delivered to the specified address by the next business day. The cost of the order is equal to the amount presented on the receipt, no additional commission.


Delivery takes place in a non-contact manner and payment is made online when the order is received.

AskHenry Dietering

Everyday home life

When working from home, we can quickly run out of ideas or desire for home-cooked meals. We have a solution for this!

Henry's here to help

We offer the possibility to order ready-cooked meals from Dietering. These are dishes prepared to order with natural and organic ingredients with a 40-day expiry date. They are served in jars and delivered straight to the address indicated.

Cost of service

Orders can be placed for individual meals, or whole sets. However, for sets, prices for individual items are much more favourable.
6 jars: 75.99 PLN
9 jars: 105.99 PLN
12 jars: 135.99 PLN
15 jars: 165.99 PLN

What our clients say about the implementation?
Every day we relieve our clients of dozens of time-consuming tasks
AskHenry saves our private time.

The approach, the way we started this cooperation, allowed me to entrust these documents and await the result.

There is nothing that he is not able to sort out for us.

The first actual contact with these Henrys was very cool, as was learning about their wide range of services. At the first meeting, they made a strong impression; it was ‘Wow! – they really do everything!’

Everyone really, really likes our Henry.

This is great because it demonstrates the ‘pro-team’ attitude of the company. Not only do we focus on getting our business running smoothly, but also on making sure that everyone who works here can work more comfortably and better.

I recommend this service to everyone.

At first, we were a little bit uncertain, because we did not really know how much and also what we could outsource. However, after a while it turned out that there are really very many of these things and we are making more and more of these orders.

The AskHenry service is a benefit just like a medical package, such as Luxmed or something like that.

We save an hour, which can be spent on hobbies, on private things, on spending time with family or on anything other than issues that we do not want to spend time on.

I would say that this is your friend.

Who helps you solve difficult tasks that you do not have time for.

It is time for things that matter to your employee.

Do you want more details about AskHenry? Are you wondering how you can implement benefits in your organization? Fill out the contact form. We will call you back and answer all your questions.

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From 40PLN / per person per month.

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