Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions about our service, try looking for answers below. You can also find out more by watching case studies, or you can leave your contact information. We’ll get back to you in whatever way you find most comfortable. :)

How do we save time for Audioteka employees?

Hear what they have to say about our service. Was it worth implementing the innovative benefit? What are the feelings of the HR department and service users?

What does the Bee Talents team have to say about AskHenry?

Did Henry become friends with a cool team from a Poznań IT company? See what feelings they have after the pilot programme and how their employees see our service.

To place an order you have to buy access to If your company has not done so yet, please contact us.

Our service is available from Monday to Friday, 08:00 to 18:00.

Orders can be placed via different channels (email, phone, client panel, text message) and during our onsite visits held cyclically at your company.’s main task is to help deal with daily private matters. We will be your personal assistant. There are two categories of tasks you can have us do for you — online tasks and external tasks.

Our employee visits your company regularly and helps you deal with everyday matters that require leaving the office. The most frequent external tasks we deal with include taking clothes to the laundry, shoes to the cobbler, leather repairs, buying and delivering gifts, and submitting documents.

These are matters dealt with by our team of professional advisors available via many communication channels. They can help you deal with all ‘remote’ tasks. The most frequent tasks we deal with include booking a table, buying air tickets, fetching a handyman for tiny repairs, researching information, recommending trusted language schools… and many more.

The service and our help is free of charge to you. Your employer pays for it. You only pay the cost of the actual service done, and then only if that is required. For example if you ask to take your shirt to the laundry, the only cost will be the laundry bill.

Orders can be cancelled until the time some irreversible actions are taken. For example if the shirt has already been taken to the laundry, the service can no longer be cancelled. Any time a cancellation request is made we will take all possible steps to end the order with immediate effect.

If the order requires a payment to be made by you, you can pay our employee with cash or card in a very simple way. If you have no time for a meeting or are not at the office, you can pay by online transfer. We will send you the payment link to the email address you have provided.

We will deliver the goods during our visits to your office. Our employee who received the order will keep you informed about the expected arrival time through the selected communication channel. After performing the service we will deliver your articles immediately.

An order requiring payment will be completed when the service is completed and settled with you. If the order requires no payment, it will be completed when your request is carried out. You will be informed about this by a separate email message or message placed via a different communication channel.

What our clients say about the implementation?
Every day we relieve our clients of dozens of time-consuming tasks
AskHenry saves our private time.

The approach, the way we started this cooperation, allowed me to entrust these documents and await the result.

There is nothing that he is not able to sort out for us.

The first actual contact with these Henrys was very cool, as was learning about their wide range of services. At the first meeting, they made a strong impression; it was ‘Wow! – they really do everything!’

Everyone really, really likes our Henry.

This is great because it demonstrates the ‘pro-team’ attitude of the company. Not only do we focus on getting our business running smoothly, but also on making sure that everyone who works here can work more comfortably and better.

I recommend this service to everyone.

At first, we were a little bit uncertain, because we did not really know how much and also what we could outsource. However, after a while it turned out that there are really very many of these things and we are making more and more of these orders.

The AskHenry service is a benefit just like a medical package, such as Luxmed or something like that.

We save an hour, which can be spent on hobbies, on private things, on spending time with family or on anything other than issues that we do not want to spend time on.

I would say that this is your friend.

Who helps you solve difficult tasks that you do not have time for.

Our Clients

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