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Personal assistant for urban and remote tasks in your city, in your office.

What is a Concierge?

A Concierge, though associated with the past, still has a role to perform today, as an assistant to company employees. In the past, the duties of the concierge in large properties, for example, included lighting all the candles illuminating the corridors and chambers. The role of the concierge was crucial during the visits of guests, when the slightest mistake could not be allowed. He was, therefore, the person best acquainted with the architecture of the property and familiar with the dates of upcoming events.

What is the role of the Concierge?

Currently, the assistance of the Concierge does not depend on illuminating the corridors during ceremonial balls, but, as in the past, it lies in the relief of excess duties, so that employees gain more time and can focus on specific tasks.

Furthermore, their efficiency and sense of security are increased by a reduction of stress and fatigue. Using concierge services, employees gain a personal assistant who performs the tasks assigned to them. His duties include both daily and special tasks. Every day, the Concierge will take care of purchases and phone reservations, drop off and pick up things for repair, handle official and postal matters, make purchases, and find suitable, proven professionals. As the need arises, he will organize staff receptions, arrange any necessary visas, rent an apartment, book a flight or a hotel, take a sick animal to the vet, and perform many other personalized tasks.

What do you gain with a Concierge?

Delegating a part of your duties allows you to achieve wellbeing at work, pursue private passions and gain an employee benefit in the form of time with family and friends. Changing the pace of life will result in improved health and time for self-fulfilment in private life, without the excess of duties taken home from work, which can also overwhelm close people, family and friends. Removing the burden of excess duties is something that almost every employee needs these days.

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