AskHenry in Nationale-Nederlanden - more life in life.

AskHenry in Nationale-Nederlanden - more life in life.

AskHenry – personalised employee benefit, tailored to your needs…

…precisely – what needs? Such an ambitious question was posed in Nationale-Nederlanden. Many studies have analysed what is really important for employees. Research has shown that needs are remarkably diverse. As consumers, we have already become accustomed to personalized products and services. A similar trend and the need for an increasingly individual approach to the employee can also be observed in the labour market. What benefit can respond to the infinite variety of employee’s needs? Taking into account the multitude of expectations, life situations, tastes and lifestyle?

We have found that the common need of all employees is to have more time. The time they can later devote to what is personally important to them.

Magdalena Kuskowska, manager of communication and employee experiences

The answer is a personal assistant, thanks to whom an employee can delegate more than 1,800 private matters!

1800 – the number of order types executed so far for AskHenry users. A number that continues to grow with a group of loyal customers./span>
In addition, in a satisfaction survey, 97% of users think AskHenry is great.The quality and trust in entrusting private matters has to be this way. This allows AskHenry to meet a broad range of needs. It is egalitarian and accessible to every employee. For managers, assistants, juniors, seniors, women, men.

Private matters at work – who does not attend to them?

It happened to you too, right? Even a person with excellent organization and focus will take care of private business at work. We live in a time where the spheres of private and professional life are increasingly intertwined. This is hard to avoid.

AskHenry comes to the rescue in December.

The implementation of AskHenry in Nationale-Nederlanden started at a time when maintaining the work-life balance of every employee or employer was a particular challenge.

December.  Closing projects, contracts, company Christmas parties, closing out the year, the first snow and public transport difficulties, approaching holidays and the New Year. The sheer number of cases during this period often causes frustration and an even more agonizing lack of time.

It was, therefore, an ideal period to test both the usefulness of the benefit and AskHenry’s efficiency in implementing the service during the “Christmas fever.” The whole thing went smoothly, and we can certainly say that it was a joint success. A quick understanding of the service gave employees a lot of valuable time, and Henry a lot of work.

Auto-chore – the next level in timesaving.

Within 6 months of implementing the service in Nationale-Nederlanden, of effective cooperation and a desire to take the next step, we decided to make the concept a reality in 2016. The first Auto-chore in Poland stood in the office of Nationale-Nederlanden. A device where you can pick up or leave an order at any time without leaving the office. Henry will take care of the rest. To our knowledge, this is the first solution of its kind in the world!

In conclusion – more life in life. The benefit you really benefit from.

After 3 quarters of cooperation with Nationale-Nederlanden, we can proudly state that we are fulfilling our mission. We give more life in life. Time to devote to what is important.

What the numbers say?

  • 19%Employees using the service monthly
  • 1656Accepted orders
  • 1212Orders that require travel around the city
  • 11 740Kilometres travelled
  • 1697Saved employee hours.

What the employees themselves say:

Henry, for me, is a partner in dealing with everyday affairs. He helps me to manage some little things, but he also handles bigger things when I do not have time for them.
Using this benefit is really mega-simple. I can place an order by phone, by e-mail, or via the website
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