Your personal assistant

who will take care of your everyday affairs

Why AskHenry Black?

We are professionals who will help save time for you and your loved ones. Now you do not have to perform tasks for which you do not have time, you do not know how to do, or you simply do not feel like doing. Leave everything to us.

An innovative service

It combines the functions of a personal advisor, a mobile assistant, and an extensive information service.

We help

Both in simple matters of everyday life and in more demanding and complex issues.

We suggest

Where to eat well and how to spend a free weekend with children. we can organize a handyman for minor repairs. We can purchase flight tickets, book a hotel, and take care of many other matters.

Thanks to us you will recover...


We will save you time and you can use it the way you need it.


A leaky tap? Prescription to fill? Shopping at IKEA? You do not have to worry about it anymore – AskHenry will do it for you and you will regain control and peace of mind

Work/life Balance

With AskHenry, you will be able to manage your time, get the right balance, and focus on what is really important.

What can we do for you?

Running errands in town

With our help, you can make purchases in town – a visit to a shopping mall or grocery shopping. You can send and collect packages, send a letter, and even arrange official administrative matters.

We execute remote orders

Finding a proven repair team? Recovering money for a cancelled flight? Researching courses online? No problem – Henry will skilfully help you out.


We work with reliable partners who offer attractive prices for our customers. These include trusted laundromats, artisan services, travel agencies and many more.

What can the City Assistant do for you?

Shopping in town

Car service

Courier Service



Real estate service

What can the Remote Assistant do for you?

Attractions for children

E-commerce purchases

Calling on professional services

Travel organization

Table reservation

Search for information

And much more...

Check how much time
you can recover from AskHenry Black

27,99 PLN

for the task

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